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Building Structures & Relationships That Last.

Blueprint Consulting™ is a one-stop-shop for all of your electoral and political consulting needs. We provide and develop everything your campaign demands — from Filing and Qualifying to Election Day. Trained by the best in the business, our team has worked with a diverse range of local to national clientele, consultants and vendors over the last decade fine-tuning our firm's tradecraft.


From data acquisition, targeting and management to candidate/staff training, direct mail, field management and digital advertising design, we can complete your project in-house.  We specialize in managing and providing services to create highly efficient and effective data-driven direct contact campaigns. Whether you're a small budget municipal campaign or running in a larger district or county, we have the expertise you need to win.

Isabel Blueprint Consulting

Isabel serves as our Chief Operations Manager at Blueprint bringing to the firm her one of a kind background we rely on to succeed. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Isabel holds a BA and MA in Political Science and Spanish as well as Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates in Latin American Studies in adddition to Certificates in Cuban and Cuban-American Studies from Florida International University. Honored and awarded with a Graduate Internship at the General Consulate of Spain in Miami, Florida from the European Studies Center for Excellence at FIU. A daughter of political exiles, Isabel has been immersed in government and politics since birth.

Having served in 2012 as Team Leader of Hispanic Outreach in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for Adelante Strategies and the campaign to Re-Elect Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Isabel turned her educational background into electoral experience in the field. After managing multiple campaigns at the local level, Isabel went on to serve as Florida Climate & Diversity Manager at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. A founder of Progress Puerto Rico PAC and Board Member at the South Florida Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, Isabel invests her free time giving back to the community.

Isabel brings essential experience to our firm at the political and c3/c4 non-profit level. A founding partner of Blueprint Consulting™, she plays a vital role in strategizing, developing, educating, and coordinating our operations with over a decade of proven success. Isabel developed her unique expertise activating, educating and organizing her community as a professional political strategist on local & national advocacy campaigns. As a young talented female minority, Isabel has properly navigated the perilous political minefield in a tough business and competitive industry because of her sincere passion and motivation to make a difference one campaign at a time. She continues to live in the shadows so that her clients and partners are properly and perfectly positioned to shine. It is thanks to her hard work, ethical and humble nature that she has helped her clients and our firm to shimmer in success.

Jeremy Blueprint Consulting

Jeremy has spent the last decade immersed in organizing and managing local politcal and electoral efforts at the municipal, state and federal level. Having received extensive training from OFA as both an Organizer and later as a Trainer — Jeremy went from serving as an Organizing Fellow to Field Organizer with OFA-FL in 2012 to being recruited to serve as Florida Deputy Digital Director and Regional Trainer for Miami-Dade and Monroe counties with Organizing for Action in 2013. After mananging several local electoral campaigns, Jeremy was brought on as staff to serve as the statewide Jewish Outreach Director for Hillary Clinton and the Florida Democratic Party's coordinated campaign in 2016.

An American Jewish Committee Shepard Broad Fellow,  a Trainer with the OFAlumni Training Corps and former Vice Chair of the Florida Democratic Party's Caucus of American Jews — Jeremy's passion for ensuring minority representation at every level of government is unmatched, as are his expanisive toolchest of skills. Jeremy serves as our Principal Consultant training and managing local candidates/staff to properly develop and deploy agressive, efficient, data and field-driven campaigns. Recognized for his award winning print and digital design work with over a decade of campaign experience — Jeremy knows what it takes to win and works one-on-one with our clients to acheive electoral success. Versed in multiple database systems with a background in graphic design, political science and psychology Jeremy brings an unparralleled skillset only matched by his tenacity to fight for every vote, goal and victory.

-National Experience at The Local Level-

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