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At Blueprint Consulting™ we pride ourselves on putting the interests and needs of our clients, candidates and campaigns above all else. We're not just here to collect a check, we provide real quantifiable services and high quality physical products.

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  • Do you accept online payments?
    Yes, you may submit payments easily online via all emailed invoices. See below under Pricing & Billing for more information.
  • Do I have what it takes to win my campaign?
    A great question! Campaigns may look fun on tv or in the movies but they require real sacrifice and several key components to succeed. One of those key components is a team you can count and trust to not only deliver but to care and be invested in your success.
  • Can you provide me with a budget for my campaign?
    Of course, we work with our clients and campaigns to both work within a budget. We help many of our clients to identify as well as plan for your future budgetary needs. From concept to final product or delivered services we keep your budget in mind whether you're a small campaign or a larger effort. Do you need a campaign plan? A fundraising plan? A field plan? Contact us for more information.
  • How much will it cost me to run for office?
    That depends on the office being sought. It's no secret, campaigns cost money and cutting corners or 'doing it yourself' can be a critical error when electoral and political efforts can be decided by a single vote. We work with clients who spend under $10,000 and those who spend over $250,000. We've won with both. Regardless of your situation or office sought we will be honest and direct when discussing your prospects, plan and/or any anxieties you may have.
  • Do you only work on electoral campaigns?
    No, while we specialize in electoral efforts our work and experience is not limited to campaigns. We also work with non-profits (501c3/c4) in addition to completely apolitical private sector businesses and clients. This includes but is not limited to communications, design/branding, collateral, opposition research and strategic planning.

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget or Contact Us To Discuss A Customized Plan for Your Campaign.

Payments Accepted

Clients will be invoiced by Blueprint Consulting™, LLC electronically via email and may submit payments online or in the form of a written check.  

For Your Reporting Purposes

Electoral campaigns, organizations and committees required to report expenditures should report payments to Blueprint Consulting™, LLC with the following information:


936 SW 1ST AVE. SUITE #980


Artwork Approvals

All print ready artwork will require written approval of Client or a designated authorized representative and pre-payment. Client will be provided a proof and opportunity to have us edit any final artwork prior to approval.

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