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Why Choose Us?

Fact: Electoral campaigns + political efforts cost money. We don't want you to limit your vital efforts just to save some money -- cut out the middleman. While we focus on delivering measureable results and victory the fact is, we're usually more affordable than the rest once all the dust settles and the invoices arrive.
Whether you're designing your next website, mailer, logo or campaign plan we've not only done it, we do it ourselves in house. From field organizing, data management, analysis or targeting, candidate and volunteer training, coalition outreach and building, issue advocacy, phone banking, name it -- we've done it and were trained by the best. Then we learned to train others to train others to train others.

Whether your effort is 100% volunteer driven or all staff we have the skills and experience you need to properly utilize, organize and manage your campaign or political effort to victory. We've vetted the vendors, we've built the relationships, we've worked the ground and we've developed the strategy and messaging to win. Don't let your campaign be some cookie cutter feel good failure or an amateur science project.
We'll work with you to develop a strategy, budget and plan to succeed. Yes, we'll make above minimum wage while doing it but our motto is to go the extra mile to ensure our candidates and campaigns do what it takes to win, that rather than profit is our motivator along with a passion and deep respect for those who sacrifice themselves to serve our local community. We don't recruit candidates, we do evaluate each race and are like you invested in improving  our shared future.
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